Well it’s a funny story actually. It all started with a paint tin and some leftover chicken soupJ. The paint tin was given to each of us at the 2014 Annual Hillsong ladies Colour Conference with a challenge.

The challenge: Go out and PAINT your community with the COLOUR of LOVE.

So after the tin had lain on our kitchen counters gathering dust for over a month we finally decided that enough was enough. We needed to get out there and COLOUR!

That’s how the Colour Community Campaign was birthed. And yes it started with soup but it has turned into something much BIGGER. We’ve done everything from handing out soup on the streets to warm clothing and blankets and who knows what we’ll get up to next!

There are no rules in CCC. Well, except for one and that’s LOVE. Because everything we do is an attempt to show the Colour of God’s LOVE. The boundaries in CCC are limitless, it can take us WHEREVER, WHENEVER. And all we had to do was say YES.

YES we are your workmanship, created in Christ Jesusand we are ready and willing to do the work that you have prepared in advance for us to do Lord. Eph2:10.


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