About Me

A very warm welcome to my site! I am very excited you decided to pop-in on my blog. I hope you are doing well and your week is running smoothly. There’s more i would like to share with you about the site. Lets rather start this way: My name is Prudence Molahlehi. I am born-again and believe in  Jesus christ since 27 August 1998. I am a blogger. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. when i am not blogging i spend time with family. i enjoy traveling. i enjoy crafts and anything that i can use my hands for.

I began blogging in 2011 after a stressful phase of my life. I was faced with changing cities and career. At that time i think i was too young to make such that decision without worrying about regret later. I got health problems and did not go through with the change. Instead I stayed in the same city and we, my friends and I, began a campaign called CCC.

CCC ( Color Community Campaign) is about Love, Hope and Fun Those are the values driving the core of  our intent. We  hope to translate this big awesome God that everyone is talking about, into a practical expression of love to a simple person on the street. We believe by paying attention to what is available and what is needed, we could bridge the gap. we organize projects to help people on the streets. we collect blankets, non perishable food and clothes; and distribute them on the streets. most importantly we give bibles and share the word with them. we pray for them to get healing and be saved. where we can we help them find shelters. all this we do, not because we can, but because God enables us and we believe that is fundamental to achieve our vision. We hope to share this ‘bug’ with you and partner with any willing heart that believes in the ‘insanity’ of meeting the needs of other people.

Lastly, did i mention we believe in miracles? You think that’s crazy? We know. If you somehow believe this vision is achievable and are interested in partnering with us whichever way you can. Please contact us, We’d love to meet you.

Our Mission:

– To meet the needs of our community to the best of our ability through God’s grace.

-Spreading the hope and love on the streets.

Our Values:

-Love, Commitment, Faith, Innovation and FIRE


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